Cyberwarfare Gallery

#BorderlineOffensive for #CreativeEuropeatHome
This online gallery gathers a series of works and actions by the Borderline Offensive community, especially prepared for online distribution and as a contribution to the #CreativeEuropeatHome initiative.
Welcome to the Cyberwarfare Gallery, enjoy its digital attacks on Fear and the State of Phobia!
This group exhibition is curated and produced as part of the Borderline Offensive: Laughing in the Face of Fear project, and gathers original or refitted artworks developed for online distribution. The works are considered cyberwarfare mechanisms, as per the Borderline Offensive Manifesto:
Notice of state of war

Performing Article 1 of the Convention Relative to the Opening of Hostilities [Laws of War: Opening of Hostilities (Hague III)], entered into force on 26 January 1910, and ratified by the Plenipotentiaries gathered for the Second Peace Convention at the Hague, the 18th of October, 1907:

A state of war now exists between Borderline Offensive and the state(s) of Cultural Phobia and Phobic Imagination: morbid irrational dread which prompts irrational behaviour, flight or the desire to destroy the stimulus for the phobia and anything reminiscent of it. Or as in layman's terminology:

Fear (of Others, Dialogue, Uncertainty, Future, Peace, Creation, Change and Psychological Mindedness).

Borderline Offensive is an armed operation using non-violence, humor and art as weaponry to achieve its strategic goal of societal change and peaceful co-existence between intercultural communities within and outside Europe.

Long Heavy Road fanzine, Belgrade, 2019
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