The Long Heavy Road e-fanzines

Non-fiction comic collage and e-publishing
by Darinka Pop-Mitic, Nalan Yırtmac and People
The laugh-out-loud, laugh-not-to-cry, ironically-sad (or just sad) anecdotes from the road told by migrants, with migrants and for migrants. Through collectively-made low-fi street fanzines, stencil and alternative e-publishing, these stories are shared with the European readership in a publication continuing the great Western tradition of street newspapers. Each issue made by a different, ever-changing, editorial team.
Available digitally for reading and/or download.

Long Heavy Road Issues#:
With, by and for migrants, different groups at different locations around the long, heavy roads that make the West ← East migration routes.
Darinka Pop-Mitic
Visual artist , lives and works in Belgrade. Attended University of Belgrade Faculty of Political Sciences before going to the Belgrade Art School. Her works were featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the +MSUM – Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova.
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